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Lily and Cross

A Happy and Holy Easter

O Splendor of the Father’s light
That makes our daylight lucid, bright;
O Light of Light and sun of day,
Now shine on us your brightest ray.

True Son, break out on earth and shine
in Radiance with Your Light Divine;
By dazzling of Your Spirit’s might,
Oh, give your jaded senses light.

The Father sends His Son, our Lord,
To be His bright and shining word,
Come Lord, ride out Your gleaming Course
and be our dawn, Our Light’s True Source.
– Saint Ambrose, Fourth Century




Around the Parish in April

April 13th - Training for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

April 18th - Sacred Heart School PTA Fundraiser – Blingo (please click here for more information)

April 20th - VIRTUS Training 

April 25th - First Communion Masses

April 25th/26th – Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll sale  (after Masses)

For more information about anything listed above, see our online calendar – please click here to access!

(Or click “About the Parish,”  then “Parish Calendar.”)


The full 2014-2015 calendar for…
…our Religious Education program can be found here
…Sacred Heart School can be found here

The events calendar for the Diocese of Trenton can be found here – http://portal.dioceseoftrenton.org/events



~ Daily Readings ~

To access daily readings, please click here.  *Please note that you can also access recorded (audio) versions of the readings here as well.



 The Pension Protection Act of 2006 included a section relative to charitable deductions.

The rules require that people claiming charitable deduction back up those deduction claims with cancelled checks; records from banks or credit card companies; or written notices from the charity or not-for-profit institution. The burden is on the donor to maintain or obtain the required records.

The parish will provide a record of contributions, upon request, which will satisfy the IRS requirements. Contributions of cash can only be used as a deduction if church envelopes are used enabling the parish to identify the donor.  Please call Deneen Thomas at  609-267-0209 ext. 303